ASUS BIOS/Motherboard Driver Download Free For Windows

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Download AUSA Laptops Driver
finding the correct driver for your device has never been easier. Wifidrivers maintains an record of supported ASUS BIOS/motherboard drivers available for free download for the most popular ASUS products and device. You can get ASUS Driver from here without paying any thing. Use our Customized search engine to search for ASUS bios/motherboard driver or search our entire driver record to fine the exact driver that fulfill your needs

How to update the BIOS version in windows system
  • There are two methods to update the BIOS version
    • Update the Bios version in Bios
    • Update the BIOS version in Windows
You can learn how to update The BIOS version in windows as following 

Winflash is a necessary software to update the Bios in Windows
  1. If your system cannot have winfllash , please refer to ( how to download/ install winflash)
  2. If your system has winflash , please refer to ( how to use winflash to update the BIOS)
How to download /install winflash
  • Input your notebook model in the search bar
    1. If you do not know the model of your notebook, please refer to the FAQ
  • We will use ASUS B9440UA as our Example , Click Support 
  • Click Driver & Tools 
  • Select the proper windows version 
    • If you do not know the windows version of your notebook, please refer to the FAQ

  • Extend (BIOS) & Download the latest version of Winflash

  • Extend (bios)& download the latest version of BIOS


If you need more help you can get help and discuss on free driver forum . So the download link is available as under just click the download link and get the latest version of BIOS/Motherboard Driver for your PC