Slow Computer Fix And 10 Quick Ways To Speed Up A Slow Windows PC Download Free For Windows

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Speed Up My Laptops 

 Why My PC is so Slow

Why my PC is so slow

PC speed is one of the most important issues which creates a problem in over working because if your PC is not working quickly then we spend a more time to complete work. Slow computer problem across all PC user from those running windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. If you are facing the problem of Seed of your PC then you must read this article if you want never see this problem in the future.There are two main Cause of a slow PC which is divided into two Categories such as Hardware and Software these tow issue which may be to effect the speed of PC here we provide information about the PC Hardware and Software

The main issues which affecting PC speed those are

  • Low space on your Hard-Disk 
  • Missing, corrupt or out-of-date of Software driver 
  • Fragmented or corrupt data

Low space on your Hard Disk

Everyone knows space is the most important for working without space the PC cannot work quickly. Your Computer or PC need Minimum 500mb Free disk space in order to carry out the basic activities because computer can store temporary files and swap page files size the purpose of these storing files which help your PC when your PC is working any process then get information from these temporary storing information so this free space can help to work your PC quickly and this low free space is reason for slow working of your PC

Problem of Software Driver

Without blood human body cannot perform any action same case here without driver Computer cannot perform any function quickly so the corrupt. missing or out-of-date driver which effects the speed of PC if your PC working slowly you must check the driver which are already install in your PC then fulfill the need of drivers then your PC working very fast if you need to update or download the missing driver then flow the link and download missing and another WiFi driver like HP driver, Dell driver and Wireless driver you can easily download this driver

10 Quick ways to speed up a slow windows PC

  • Clean Your PC The Easy Way With CleanMyPC
  •  Find Resource Hungry Programs 
  •  Close System Tray Programs
  • Disable Startup Programs
  • Reduce Animations
  • Lighten Your Web Browser 
  • Scan For Malware and Adware
  • Free Up Disk Space 
  • Defragment Your Hard Disk
  • Reset Your PC
Slow Computer Fix And 10 Quick Ways to Speed Up

Description;      Free Download Laptops Fixing Driver

Supported OS;   Windows  XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10


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